Quality assurance

From selecting the raw materials to filling, the production of the Andechs Monastery beers is subject to strict quality controls. The experience of our master brewers accumulated over many years is decisive for quality assurance.

A total of 60 controls are in place in the course of production. State-of-the-art IT systems are used for end-to-end documentation.

Years ago, the monastery brewery implemented a comprehensive database system for quality control. Quality and quality only – that is the goal of the Andechs master brewers when they brew monastic beer specialities at the foot of the Holy Mountain. With the “Qualifax” specialised database system, the monastery brewery’s quality assurance employees are able to centrally record the data for all production steps from malt delivery to bottle and cask filling. This further improves the quality of production.

Monastery brewery invests in quality

Quality assurance employees receive analysis data or calculations of economic efficiency in production as needed. In the brewhouse, the data for each brew have been included in the new database system. It is also possible to determine at any time how much cast wort a certain brew has produced – just one of many possibilities for the chemical-technical and economic analysis of the brewing processes.

Process and laboratory data can be evaluated as well. For Alexander Reiss, the advantages of “Qualifax” are obvious. “We now know in a few clicks which cask and what bottle contains raw materials from specific deliveries. Thus we have rapid transparency and certainty for suppliers, employees and in particular discerning customers who enjoy our monastery beers.”

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