Fermentation and storage cellar

On the Holy Mountain, the bottom and top-fermented beers are fermented in closed tanks in the fermentation and storage cellar.

Top-fermented beers are fermented at higher temperatures. Their flavour can be described as more fruity. Bottom-fermented beers such as Andechser Vollbier Hell, Andechser Spezial Hell, Andechser Export Dunkel, Andechser Bergbock Hell and Andechser Doppelbock Dunkel are fermented at lower temperatures. Their flavour is defined by aromatic malt to hop notes.

Depending on the original wort content, what is known as the main fermentation takes between six and nine days. During this cold fermentation, the yeast has sufficient “stress-free” time to break down the malt sugar.

The monastery brewery continues to use the proven two-tank process for the fermentation and storage of the green beer to this day. With this method, the green beer does not stay in the fermentation tank after fermentation but is pumped into another tank for storage. This prevents layers with a higher or lower proportion of yeast from forming.

As a result, the fully mixed green beer clarifies even better during the next six weeks. Unwanted fermentation by-products are optimally broken down during this time. Thus the Andechs Monastery’s beers mature into unique beer specialities.

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