Brewing process

The Andechs Monastery brewery has been combining Benedictine brewing tradition with the latest brewing technology since 1455.

Our traditional brewing processes take a lot more time and energy than conventional brewing methods. However, they define our quality philosophy in keeping with the concept of monastic enterprises: “Our tradition is being progressive and we owe our progress to a long tradition.”

We place special emphasis on two of these processes, since they exemplify the Andechs brewing tradition on the Holy Mountain in Bavaria, which we maintain with the help of the latest brewing technology.

Multiple mashing process

In the multiple mashing process, only part of the mash is transferred to the mash tun at one time, where it is boiled. It is then transferred back to the mash pan, where it warms the rest of the mash. This process is repeated several times, which helps develop the distinctive malt aroma character of our monastery’s beers.

Two-tank process

With this method, the green beer does not stay in the fermentation tank after fermentation but is pumped into another tank for storage. This prevents layers with a higher or lower proportion of yeast from forming. As a result, the fully mixed green beer clarifies even better during the coming weeks. Unwanted fermentation by-products are optimally broken down during this time.

Andechs Monastery Emblem