Choir chapel

Seeking God and making Jesus Christ your personal centre are the most urgent tasks for the monks of Saint Benedict.

The monks primarily encounter God through shared prayer, singing the psalms and hymns, and reading the Holy Scripture. Worship however, the “opus dei”, is not just the service of people to God through adoration and glorification, but also God’s work on us people and the world.

“Nothing shall take precedence over the service”

In sharing the Liturgy of the Hours, the monks commemorate the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. For the monks, Jesus Christ is the centre of their lives and guides the daily routine. Four times a day, the monks gather in the choir chapel for the shared Liturgy of the Hours.

The baroque choir chapel lies in the west wing of the monastery’s square. It’s ceiling consists of a three-part ribbed vault with stucco mouldings and rosettes of leaves.

Andechs Monastery Emblem

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