Export Dunkel

Andechser Export Dunkel, brewed using the traditional multiple mashing process, first draws your attention with its appearance thanks to its chestnut colour with hints of ruby red.

The fine-pored foam stands firm in the glass. Soft dark malt aromas accompanied by notes of caramel and cocoa with a hint of smoke flavour reach the beer connoisseur’s nose starting with the first sip.

Andechser Export Dunkel is pleasantly tangy with a full, round body and malt aroma. The semi-sweet chocolate note fits very well with the soft roast bitterness.

It has a mild and harmonious finish.

Original wort Alcohol content Bitterness units Energy value Recommended serving temperature
12.7% by weight 4.9% by volume 18.8 IBU 192 kilojoules per 100ml Between 7 and 9 °C
Andechs Monastery Emblem