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Andechser Radler unfiltered

With Andechser Radler unfiltered, the monastery brewery is now offering a mixed beer beverage for the first time in its history.

Over the years the monastery brewery has been asked time and time again by partners in beverage distribution and many friends of the Andechs Monastery beers for a Radler (shandy). It is made from Andechser Hell and unfiltered lemonade produced in the monastery brewery with carbon dioxide from our own fermentation.

Alexander Reiss: “We have known for a long time that the doors were wide open in the market for our Radler. With our filling plant that commenced operation in the autumn of 2019, we are realising our full potential for mixed beer beverages that are bottled by us here in Andechs. This concrete regional origin is important to us. We will continue to brew and bottle all our varieties exclusively here in Andechs.”

Pure Radler refreshment
To the viewer, Radler unfiltered presents itself in luminous yellow with a slight cloudiness. A pronounced citrus note with hints of orange is backed by soft malt tones. Very lively and refreshing to drink, Radler unfiltered reveals its harmonious, well-rounded body. The balanced proportion of sweetness and acidity is appealing, leading to a finish with fresh fruit acidity.

Original wort Alcohol content Bitterness units Energy value Recommended serving temperature
11.9% by weight 2.7% by volume --- 173 kilojoules per 100ml Between 6 and 8 °C
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