A day at Andechs Monastery

Seeking God is the objective of the four monks living at the Andechs Monastery. The monastic daily routine is defined by shared choral prayer, spiritual reading and work.

Times of community life and times of personal withdrawal alternate. Thus each monk has to find and walk their own path in the search for God.

Making room for encounters with God

The day begins at 7 am with the morning praise, the vigil and the laudes. The monks gather for this in the Choir Chapel. Hymns, psalms, readings and prayers alternate. The Liturgy of the Hours with its familiar text makes room for encounters with God. After the laudes, the monks gather for the daily meeting. They inform each other about their schedule and pending tasks.

Prayer and work

After breakfast, the monks commence their work in the monastery. The Benedictines are dedicated to pastoral care for the parishes and pilgrims. They work in the abbey’s library, as hostel wardens or sextons, or manage the economic enterprises. Around 12 they interrupt their work and gather for prayer in the Choir Chapel. After the sext the monks eat together in the refectory. A section of the Holy Scripture and the Rule of Saint Benedict are read. They are silent during the reading. A blessing and thanksgiving prayer begins and ends the meal. In the afternoon they work again in the various areas.

All for the glory of God

At 6 pm the monks stop their work and gather for the vespers. After their shared evening meal and thanksgiving prayer, they gather in an open session called recreation. Their shared day ends with the compline, the evening prayer.

We ask for your understanding that attending the vigil, laudes and compline is not possible.

Andechs Monastery Emblem

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