New bottling plant and warehouse, 2018/2019

The monastery brewery’s new bottling plant and warehouse have been in operation since October of 2019.

With costs of around 12 million euros, this has been the Benedictine’s largest single investment in the monastery brewery since the new construction in 1972/84. On an area of nearly ten tennis courts, the hall with a size of around 2,500 square metres is home to the bottling plant and palletising system, including warehousing.

The new bottling plant fills up to 24,000 bottles per hour. This is no more than the previous bottling capacity. Improved environmental compatibility is the key benefit of the new filling plant. The total energy consumption dropped from 0.046 kWh per litre of beer produced to just 0.034 kWh. A more efficient use of water has reduced water consumption in the bottling plant from previously 0.66 litres per litre of beer produced to about 0.36 litres. Improved dosing of cleaning agents further minimises the environmental burden.

Maintenance and service are less complicated since the bottle filling and labelling equipment were installed separately. Special emphasis was placed on industrial safety. Special insulating materials reduce the noise level in the filling plant. Ventilation systems and filters provide better air circulation and purity.

24,000 bottles per hour are filled in the new filling plant.
Empties are automatically inspected to check that they match the brewery’s pool.
Sterile bottles leave the washing plant after 15 minutes.
75 bottles are filled simultaneously in the filler.
A state-of-the-art labelling machine ensures millimetre accuracy.
The labelled bottles are supplied to the crate packer.

Filling plant technical data

Bottle filling plant: 24,000 bottles/hour
Total energy consumption: Approx. 0.034 kWh/1 l beer
Water consumption: Approx. 0.36 l/1 l beer
Stainless steel pipework: 3,000 m
Heating: Concrete core activation/in-floor heating
Total costs: Around 12 million euros
Completion 07 October 2019

New warehouse

The new warehouse for empties has room for a maximum of 1,500 pallets, each with 40 beer crates, for a total of 1.2 million 0.5 l bottles. Logistics on the brewery’s premises were considerably improved by the new warehouse. This is not only because empties are stored at a neutral temperature out of the weather. The empties are also closer to the filling plant overall, significantly shortening transport routes on the premises and making processes more efficient.

Warehouse technical data

Dimensions: 60 m x 40.7 m x 8.5 m
Total area: Around 2,500 sqm
Of which Filling plant: 900 sqm
  Palletising and storage: 1,000 sqm
  Engineering: 600 sqm
Concrete quantity: 2,100 cbm
Construction steel: 220 t
40 supports: Height 8 m; each 3 - 6 t
145 wall elements: Weight 6-12 t
Ventilation system: 25,000 cbm air/hour
Exterior wood cladding: Approx. 450 sqm silver fir
Lighting: LED interior and exterior
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