Age confirmation

As a monastery brewery, we take our responsibility to comply with the legal regulations and voluntary commitments of the industry for advertising alcoholic beverages very seriously, especially with regard to the proper protection of children and young people.

When you confirm, on our web pages protected by age verification, that you are of a minimum age, we generate a cookie that is stored locally on your PC and does not contain any personal information. Each time you subsequently visit our pages with age verification, this cookie is merely queried to ascertain whether you have already confirmed that you have reached the required minimum age. This avoids displaying the age verification request to you again. We do not store any data from this query on our systems, nor do we evaluate these queries on a system or person-related basis.

Therefore, before entering our website, please confirm that you are at least 16 years old and that you consent to the storage of the cookie.

EMAS environmental certification

The Andechs Monastery brewery is always investing in energy efficiency to combine environmentally friendly production processes even more effectively with our quality philosophy.

For the monastery and its enterprises, economic activity and ecological action are two sides of the same coin. The monastery’s operations have always strived for long-term, organic growth combined with the continuous improvement of their ecological balance. For a monastic brewing enterprise with a centuries-long tradition, the diligent and gentle treatment of creation and its resources is a special obligation. Furthermore, the monastery’s brewery as a producer of high-quality food products depends on an intact environment.

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