Investments in the future since 1984

Since the new construction, the monastery’s investment policy with a very long-term orientation ensures that the brewery will continue to be successful and operate sustainably in the future.

All brewing facilities are kept state-of-the-art though targeted investments. The monastic community has invested around 30 million euros in its brewery since 2003 alone. Thus the consistently high quality of the monastery’s beers is guaranteed.

Not least thanks to these efforts, the attractive working environment for the employees continues to develop. The brewery has also been able to continuously improve its ecological balance since the year 2000 with EMAS-certified environmental management.

Andechs Monastery Emblem

Important milestones

1991Modernisation of the filling plant
1993Introduction of Weißbier Hell
1994Opening of the Andechser am Dom restaurant in Munich
1997Introduction of Weißbier Dunkel
2000Initial certification of the Andechs Monastery brewery according to EMAS, the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme
2003Export of Andechs beer specialities to Russia
2005-2006Expansion of capacities in the fermentation and storage cellar
2007Modernisation of the control system in the brewhouse
2008Modernisation of the CIP system in the filling plant (CIP stands for “cleaning in place”)
2009Installation of an empties sorting system in the bottling plant
2010Modernisation of the pressure boosting system in the water supply
2010Replacement of the air compressor (frequency-controlled) including water heating by heat recovery
2012Modernisation of the CIP system in the brewhouse and in the fermentation and storage cellar
2012Modernisation of the chemistry lab in the brewhouse
2012Installation of central caustic soda storage
2012Installation of a new water softening system with reverse osmosis
2013Export of Andechs beer specialities to the USA
2013-2014Replacement of the NH3 refrigeration plant
2014Modernisation of the CO2 recovery system
2015Installation of high-efficiency pumps for the water supply
2016Installation of a dealcoholisation plant for non-alcoholic wheat beer
2019New construction: Warehouse and filling plant
Andechs Monastery Emblem