Address:Bergstraße 2
City:82346 Andechs
Telephone:+49 8152 376 117
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Opening hours

Monday - Friday Saturday, Sunday and public holiday
from 10 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.
New Year's Eve 10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.


24-26 December 2023 (Christmas)
01 January 2024 (New Year)
8 to 12 January 2024 (due to inventory)
29 March 2024 (Good Friday)

Monastery store - Klosterladen

History of the Klosterladen

Since around 1890, the Klosterladen has been found to the right of the archway on the east side of the Pilgrimage Church.
It was taken over by Brother Stefan Janker (1944-2019) in 1972, who managed it until 2016. Collecting, preserving and restoring religious folk art was of special importance to him.

Religious folk art

After entering the monastery, Brother Stefan Janker, manager of the Klosterladen from 1972 to 2016, dedicated himself to the collection, preservation and restoration of religious folk art.
Religious folk art is rooted in the rural arts and crafts tradition. It reached its height between the 17th and 19th centuries. Devotional and edification images were created during this time. Paintings, sculptures and shrines decorated the entire rural living space in the parlour, house, yard and workshop. Artistic rosaries, votive and consecration offerings and pilgrimage souvenirs like those offered in the Klosterladen to this day are just as significant.

The Infant Jesus at the centre

Brother Stefan was especially involved with depictions of the Infant Jesus in three different types: The standing Infant Jesus that, among other things, served as a “Trösterlein” – a devotional image – in convents; the numerous emulations of the Infant Jesus of Prague, which in turn was influenced by the adoration of the Christ Child at the Santa Maria in Aracoeli Church in Rome; and as a “Fatschenkindl” (Latin fasci: bandage, wrapping), a wax replica of the prone Infant Jesus wrapped in precious swaddling clothes.

The Klosterladen directly next to the Pilgrimage Church offers time and opportunity to browse and find what you are looking for.

Items found in the Klosterladen include:

  • Books on the history and present day of the Holy Mountain
  • Religious literature
  • Appealing books for children and adolescents
  • Gift books
  • Sacral works of art such as wall crosses, rosaries and medallions
  • Candles for baptism, first communion, weddings or birthdays
  • Postcards and greeting cards for any occasion
  • Andechs Monastery beers, individually or in a six pack
  • Large selection of beer glasses and mugs from 0.1 to 1.0 l
  • Andechs schnapps
  • CDs
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