Expansion of the fermentation/storage cellar and brewhouse in 2006

The production capacities in the fermentation and storage cellar were expanded in 2005/2006. Ensuring the quality of the monastery’s beers was the objective.

With these fermentation and storage capacities, the monastery brewery was able to maintain cold fermentation and the long beer storage time of up to six weeks. The Andechs Monastery brewery sent a clear signal with this investment in the future: At a time when beer markets were becoming increasingly competitive, it was standing by its strict quality philosophy. Then and now, the brewery combines modern brewing technology with Benedictine brewing tradition.

The expansion of the fermentation and storage cellar houses four cylindro-conical fermentation tanks with a capacity of nearly 1,000 hl each. The size of the fermentation and storage cellar is so generous that four additional fermentation and storage tanks with the same capacity can be installed if needed. Sufficient fermentation and storage capacities are of crucial importance for the high quality of the Andechs Monastery’s beers. Unlike many other breweries, the Andechs Monastery brewery continues to use the traditional two-tank process for the production of its bottom-fermented beers.

Ground-breaking ceremony
November 2005
Arrival of fermentation and
storage tanks, February 2006
Completion of the building shell
March 2006
Setup of the fermentation and storage tanks, April 2006
Completion of the roof works
May 2006
Grand opening
July 2006

Modernised brewhouse

Since the end of 2006, the Andechs Monastery brewery has a fully modernised brewhouse. The high quality of the Andechs Monastery’s beers is therefore assured while the appearance and taste of the speciality beers remains the same.

Modern brewing technology has been successfully adapted to the Benedictine brewing tradition. The new brewhouse also saves energy. Its consumption is about 20% lower. Between 21 November and 18 December 2006, the brewhouse and the adjacent production departments were extensively modernised, including control systems in the brewhouse, yeast cellar, CIP system (CIP stands for “cleaning in place”, describing a complex pipework and tank cleaning system), fermentation and storage cellar and water house.

The fully modernised malt mill ensures even more consistent grinding results.
New agitator blades in the mash pans agitate the mash even more gently.
“Lautering” is even faster and more efficient in the lauter tun.
The new internal boiler in the wort kettle saves a considerable amount of energy.
Through a heat exchanger, the energy is fed into a ...
... large energy storage tank.
It holds 66,000 litres of water and helps ...
... realise the full energy saving potential.

More than 280 valves have been replaced and a total of 20 kilometres of cables were connected to a highly modern “S7” control unit. With an energy storage system that also includes the energy storage tank with a diameter of 3 metres, a height of 10 metres and a capacity of 66,000 litres, all energy saving potential is now being fully realised.
The conversion measures were completed in less than one month. Cooperation with the participating companies was smooth and efficient. The modernisation of the brewhouse cost several hundred thousand euros. For the Andechs Monastery brewery, this was an investment in the future so the quality of the Andechs Monastery’s beers is assured, today and tomorrow.

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