Church service

“Nothing shall take precedence over the service,” Saint Benedict writes in chapter 43 of his Rule. This applies in particular to the Pilgrimage Church.

Certainly work is important in the life of a monk, since they are true monks only when they make their living with their own hands. Benedict directed the monks accordingly. But he also instructed them to put everything aside when the bells toll for the church service.

After all, a church service is not so much the service of the people to God as God’s service to the people. This is where they encounter the living God in the words of the Holy Scripture and the ceremony of the sacraments. Thus the Pilgrimage Church bears witness to a faith that has endured for centuries.

Church services

Date, TimeEventCategoryLocation
15.06.2024 11:00 h Messfeier Gottesdienste Wallfahrtskirche
16.06.2024 09:30 h Messfeier Gottesdienste Wallfahrtskirche
16.06.2024 11:00 h Messfeier Gottesdienste Wallfahrtskirche
16.06.2024 18:00 h Messfeier Gottesdienste Wallfahrtskirche
19.06.2024 18:00 h Konventmesse Gottesdienste Wallfahrtskirche

Questions about our church services?

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