Bergbock Hell

Among the Andechs Monastery’s beers, Andechser Bergbock Hell is the insider tip for connoisseurs and gourmets.

With a luminous golden colour and bright, clear appearance, its fine-pored foam invites you to take that first sip.

Strong malt and flowery hops aromas permeated with light fruit aromas. Although it is potent, Bergbock is pleasantly full-bodied with a strong but not obtrusive flavour. A very fine, discreet hop bitterness mingles with a slight honey sweetness, ending in a soft, harmonious finish.

A balanced light bock beer full of character that ensures your first sip will not be the last.

Original wort Alcohol content Bitterness units Energy value Recommended serving temperature
16.9% by weight 6.9% by volume 19.4 IBU 260 kilojoules per 100ml Between 5 and 8 °C
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