The Andechs organ

The new organ was dedicated in 2005 by former Abbot Odilo Lechner. This marked the conclusion of developments that began more than 20 years previously.

The 2005 anniversary of the monastery and church was the ideal time for the new construction of an organ. The Friends of the Andechs Monastery helped realise the construction of the new organ with a donation campaign.

This new instrument is the sum of extensive developments in the history of organ construction. In keeping with the classic model, the playing action is mechanical and the pipes stand on slider chests.

“Music is an agreeable harmony for the honour of God and the permissible delights of the soul.” (Johann Sebastian Bach)

The console was once again integrated into the organ case, considerably improving the instrument’s playability. A lot of space was also gained for the choir and orchestra as a result.

The new organ fills the space with a great diversity of sound.

Andechs Monastery Emblem