Dealcoholisation plant

Dealcoholisation by the monastery brewery is carried out exclusively on site in Andechs. A time-consuming dealcoholisation process is used.

The procedure is based on the principle of reverse osmosis. Here the gentle treatment of our beer and its aroma and flavouring substances is the top priority.

Time-consuming dealcoholisation process

Dealcoholisation at the monastery brewery is carried out using reverse osmosis.
This so-called batch process is very time-consuming. In this procedure, the fully fermented and matured wheat beer is first transferred to a pressure tank. It then passes through the dealcoholisation plant several times.

Gentle treatment of aroma and flavouring substances

The monastery brewery has chosen a dealcoholisation process based on the principle of osmosis, which is frequently observed in nature. Osmosis is the one-sided diffusion of water from cell to cell through a semi-permeable membrane. As long as there is an imbalance of dissolved particles between the cells, osmotic pressure causes water to flow into the cell with the lower particle concentration. The process can also be reversed through the application of pressure. This is called reverse osmosis.

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