Pilgrimage church

Rising more than 700 m above sea level, the Andechs Pilgrimage Church with its characteristic onion dome on the highest point of the Holy Mountain is visible from afar.

The Pilgrimage Church is dedicated to Saint Nicholas of Myra and Saint Elisabeth of Thuringia from the line of the Counts of Andechs.

The patronage of Saint Nicholas likely extends back to the time of the Counts of Andechs. Pilgrims came to the Nikolauskapelle (Chapel of Saint Nicholas) at Andechs Castle to worship the relics as early as around the year 1130.

To enable pilgrims to complete the traditional walk around the holy site, the Pilgrimage Church is separate from the monastery’s square by a narrow yard called the Pfortenhof. From there, a curved path leads over a narrow terrace to the main entrance of the Pilgrimage Church.

Dear visitors, we ask for your understanding that the tower will be closed until further notice due to weather conditions and because of the pandemic.

Andechs Monastery Emblem