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Sausage and meat specialities from the Holy Mountain are in demand. More and more connoisseurs of genuine hand-crafted butcher shop specialities are therefore finding their way to the Andechs Klostermetzgerei.

The store of the Klostermetzgerei is open for retail sales every Friday from 8 am to 2 pm. All prepared meat products produced for the monks and guests of the Bräustüberl and Klostergasthof come from the Klostermetzgerei and are produced without flavour enhancers.

Weißwürste (Bavarian veal sausages), Regensburger (boiled sausages), Vienna sausages, Debreziner (pork sausages), Leberkäse (speciality meatloaf) and smoked liverwurst are offered at fair prices. A speciality is the Rinderstangerl. It is made of pure beef and is great for carrying in your backpack to eat on the go.

Regional origin
Master butcher Karl Knoll places great emphasis on regional origin. He knows the farmer from which he procures the beef in Seefeld/Hechendorf, just ten kilometres away. Pork comes from the stockyard and slaughterhouse in Munich, and from the company Neumeier in Baindlkirch.

Taste, colour and consistency are the most important quality characteristics of sausage and meat products. Master butcher Karl Knoll and his employees make sure that the taste is consistent, with the characteristic appealing colour, and that the meat products are firm to the bite.

Here you will find a selection of our sausage and meat products outside the opening hours:

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