Doppelbock Dunkel

At dusk as the day draws to a close, time passes a bit more slowly. That is exactly the right moment for an Andechser Doppelbock Dunkel.

The world-famous Bockbier from the Holy Mountain in Bavaria wants to be savoured rather than downed. Andechser Doppelbock Dunkel stands firm as a rock upon the table, its colour reminiscent of dark copper with hints of fiery red. Its bright, clear appearance harmonises with a firm, fine-pored foam.

It is a special treat even for the nose: Soft roasted notes and a touch of dried fruit accompany an accentuated caramel aroma. Doppelbock Dunkel from the Holy Mountain of Bavaria is pleasantly sparkling in its presentation. The taste is unmistakable: Full-bodied and velvety, strong but with a pleasant malt aroma – powerful and lusty. It has a readily discernible sweetness accompanied by roasted cocoa notes and a slight hop bitterness.

With a strong finish, the Doppelbock ends on a lasting semisweet chocolate note. A mighty Doppelbock that lets you savour and enjoy the centuries-old Benedictine brewing tradition one sip at a time.

Original wort Alcohol content Bitterness units Energy value Recommended serving temperature
18.8% by weight 7.1% by volume 21 IBU 295 kilojoules per 100ml Between 7 and 9 °C
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