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Weißbier non-alcoholic

Fruity and tangy with a mild yeast aroma – Andechser Weißbier non-alcoholic is the first non-alcoholic beer in the monastery brewery’s history, brought to market in 2016. Thanks to gentle dealcoholisation at low temperatures in an innovative process, it retains the characteristic wheat beer taste for conscious connoisseurs.

To ensure that Andechser Weißbier non-alcoholic is an “enjoyment for body and soul”, the monks and master brewers took a lot of time to produce this characteristic wheat beer with the typical, sparkling taste of Andechser Weißbier. It is brewed, dealcoholised and bottled exclusively at the Andechs Monastery brewery.

The non-alcoholic wheat beer first attracts attention with its honey to amber colour. Its yeast turbidity is pronounced yet finely structured. This is topped by a fine-pored head. A multifaceted odour experience presents itself to the nose: From fruit aromas to banana to cloves. Andechser Weißbier non-alcoholic is very lively and refreshing to drink, featuring a full and elegant body.

A slight sweetness and a fruity acidity combine with an accentuated yet pleasant hop bitterness in the finish, leading to a harmonious aftertaste. A non-alcoholic thirst quencher with the typical taste of Andechser Weißbier: Pleasantly lively and tangy with a mild yeast aroma, it leaves you wanting more.

Operations Manager Alexander Reiss:
“We didn’t want to brew a new wheat beer, but to preserve the special taste of our successful existing wheat beer. In terms of technology, we had to come up with something really special to accomplish this since no ready-made solutions were available. I am proud that we are now operating a dealcoholisation system from GEA in our own brewery.”

Gentle and time-consuming dealcoholisation

The monastery brewery invested several hundred thousand euros in the gentle dealcoholisation of the wheat beer. The system from GEA Huppmann, which works with membrane technology, is the first of its kind in a midsize brewery in Germany.

Original wort Alcohol content Bitterness units Energy value Recommended serving temperature
9.9% by weight Less than 0.5% by volume 20 IBU 105 kilojoules per 100ml Between 5 and 8 °C
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