The Prelate Chapel

The Prelate Chapel to the north of the Pilgrimage Church is an important link between the church and monastery. Visitors are not permitted to enter the Prelate Chapel.

Altar in the Prelate Chapel

The Prelate Chapel was built in 1608 and is dedicated to the Holy Cross. It was redesigned in 1755 for the monastery’s 300-year anniversary. The central room can be entered from the Pilgrimage Church’s northern gallery and also from the monastery.

From the outside, the Prelate Chapel is enthroned over the passage to the “Pfortenhof” square, and is clearly distinguishable by its copper roof. The copper dome is crowned by a small ridge turret with a little bell that calls the monks to the Liturgy of the Hours.

The interior is dominated by the crucifixion group between the two pillars of the ciborium. Maria Magdalena is shown collapsed before the cross. The figures of Mary, Mother of God and Saint John also speak of sorrow, pain and despair.

In the circular painting on the dome, the four continents known at the time pay homage to the Holy Trinity. Since the chapel is dedicated to the Holy Cross, five frescoes depict scenes of the Passion of Jesus: Prayer on the Mount of Olives, flagellation, humiliation by Roman soldiers and a depiction of Jesus as the Man of Sorrows.

Andechs Monastery Emblem