Ambassadors for the Andechs Monastery beers

A dedicated team of sales employees give our monastery’s beer specialities a face.

Alexander Reiss – Sales and Export Manager

Alexander Reiss has been heading the sales team with several members since the end of 2019 and is responsible for global export activities.

He regularly maintains contacts with our leading international business partners, especially in Italy, Russia, the USA, France, England and Scandinavia, developing new markets for the monastery beers from the Holy Mountain of Bavaria. His established international experience accumulated in previous positions – including in Asia – is a major advantage here.

The skilled master brewer knows the monastery brewery like few others. Alexander Reiss has been the monastery brewery’s Operations Manager since mid-2005. The brewery was extensively modernised and brought up to the state of the art under his leadership.

Konrad Muck – Sales Manager Bavaria/Saxony/Austria

Since the spring of 2019, Konrad Muck has been focusing on the Bavarian home market around the Holy Mountain in Andechs with great dedication and commitment.

This is a fresh challenge every day since more than 600 breweries vie for the favour of beer lovers in Bavaria alone.

He regularly visits the buyers of our monastery beer specialities in Saxony and Austria as well, from beverage wholesalers and retailers to gastronomy.

With his help, beverage dealers and restaurateurs can present themselves to their customers and guests as ambassadors of the Andechs spirit.

Sales Manager South/West

Michael Schönhut has been responsible for sales management south/west for over 24 years. With his affinity to his homeland, his expertise and his enthusiasm, he continues to build bridges for our monastic beers, and not only in the southwest of Germany.

His most important task is to give the unmistakable character of the monastic beer specialities from Andechs a face in the beverage trade and gastronomy.


Georg Filgertshofer – Customer Service and Shipping Manager

The skilled master brewer and logistics professional with many years of work experience has been in charge of Customer Service and Shipping for the monastery brewery since 2020.

His key task is to coordinate the work of colleagues in Customer Service and Shipping from a logistics and organisational perspective so that our customers receive goods and services as an integrated package.

Aside from a brief interruption, Georg Filgertshofer has been working in Shipping and Logistics for the brewery on the Holy Mountain of Bavaria since 2007. Thus he has known many of our customers for more than ten years. This connection is especially helpful when unconventional solutions are in demand.

Mateja Hinze & Monika Reduhn – Customer Service

Mateja Hinze and Monika Reduhn are the direct contacts in Customer Service for local customers in Andechs. They receive the varied requests and questions of our business partners, answering them directly or passing them on to colleagues in Andechs or in field service. Aside from the day-to-day business, they organise trade fair presentations of the Andechs Monastery brewery, prepare customer visits, manage data and prepare performance figures.