Andechs Monastery – “Work and prayer”

The Benedictine monks have been working and praying on the “Holy Mountain” since 1455, attending to Bavaria’s oldest pilgrimage.

Monastic life is lived by the Rule of Saint Benedict of Nursia. It can be summed up as “work and prayer”. In Andechs the monks attend to the pilgrimage and surrounding parishes, and manage the monastic enterprises.

Abbot Johannes Eckert has been leading the community of monks in Munich and Andechs since 2003. 13 monks and more than 200 employees work together for the sustainable development of the monastery and its enterprises.

As an estate of the Saint Boniface Benedictine Abbey in Munich – according to the founding order of King Ludwig I – the Andechs Monastery has been generating income since 1850. It does not receive any church tax funds. With its proceeds, the Andechs Monastery also finances the social and cultural activities of both facilities in Munich and Andechs.

Andechs Monastery Emblem

Overview of events

Date, TimeEventCategoryLocation
15.06.2024 11:00 h Messfeier Gottesdienste Wallfahrtskirche
16.06.2024 09:30 h Messfeier Gottesdienste Wallfahrtskirche
16.06.2024 11:00 h Messfeier Gottesdienste Wallfahrtskirche
16.06.2024 18:00 h Messfeier Gottesdienste Wallfahrtskirche
19.06.2024 18:00 h Konventmesse Gottesdienste Wallfahrtskirche