"Jesus leads us into the wide!"

At the traditional Dreihostienfest in Andechs, Bishop Dr. Bertram Meier called for a "broad church" in his sermon.

"Jesus," the bishop said, "trusts us to be able to live without having to prescribe or petty everything. Jesus, the good shepherd, leads us into the wide open."
He takes this very seriously also for his pastoral office: "I don't want to let those gain power over me and the believers entrusted to me who are afraid of too much expanse and therefore prefer to cram the sheep into a narrow stable.
Admittedly, you can't do much wrong in the stable, there is too little freedom of movement for that. But you can't even live there properly - at most, you can wait to be milked, sheared and finally slaughtered."

Andechs: Kloster - Dreihostienfest Foto: Nila Thiel
Andechs: Kloster - Dreihostienfest Foto: Nila Thiel
Andechs: Kloster - Dreihostienfest Foto: Nila Thiel

Outdoor worship service in late summer sunshine

Normally at the Feast of the Three Hosts the monstrance is carried in solemn procession around the mountain after the festive service - this was not yet possible this year due to corona, the monstrance was venerated on the altar - the service could take place outdoors in glorious late summer weather.

"For the Church, there is no progress in reverse".

For Bishop Bertram, however, "procession" is also a question of inner attitude: "After all, the word comes from the Latin "procedere," which means to go forward, to progress, to go forward. Whoever wants to make a procession must not stand still; he must go forward.

This is also true for our ecclesial life. For the Church, there is no progress in reverse. It should keep pace with people; it must remain mobile in order to find new ways so that the Gospel of Jesus Christ arrives properly; (...).

"Those who tread water may be able to mash sauerkraut, which is then preserved and 'canned'; but Jesus does not want a 'conservative church,' a sour association, but a lively and lovable community with esprit to move forward."

"Hold Christ high"

Referring to the occasion of the feast day, the bishop said, "The Host is not only our Blessed Sacrament; not a thing, but a person: the Blessed Sacrament. Without it we cannot and will not live. As in Corpus Christi, so today we hold Christ high; we let him live high, so that we may survive difficult times unharmed. We are not concerned with persons, with ourselves or with any lobbyists who also exist in the Church, but with HIM, the Lord, who in His great mercy draws all to Himself."

(Text with kind permission of the Diocese of Augsburg)


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